(4-12-20) Canadian Armed Forces No Longer Permitted to Use Gendered Pronouns in Writing

Canadian Armed Forces No Longer Permitted to Use Gendered Pronouns in Writing

“In a new policy change, the Canadian Armed Forces will no longer be using gendered pronouns in official reports.

Documents obtained by conservative commentator Aaron Gunn and presented to The Post Millennial reveal that military personnel are no longer allowed to write he or she, but must replace it with they/them pronouns, regardless of an individual’s preferred pronouns.”


‘Utterly Unreliable’: the Mystery Behind the True COVID-19 Death Rate:

“The proportion of people who have died from the disease varies strikingly from country to country. Researchers warn that there are so many uncertainties — not least over the true number of infections — that it remains almost impossible to draw firm conclusions about the death rate.”


‘Critical for Our Economic Future’: Keystone XL Surprise Go-Ahead to Energize Struggling Oilpatch

“CALGARY – … On Tuesday, TC Energy, formerly known as TransCanada Corp., said it has decided to build the controversial pipeline with a US$1.1-billion ‘strategic investment’ from the Alberta government…

“The project, first proposed in 2008, had been staunchly opposed by environmental groups and some farmers along the route, and has repeatedly been the subject of lawsuits and regulatory delays. Last year, the Nebraska Supreme Court approved the project, removing the last remaining obstacle for the project after a protracted legal battle with a group of opposed landowners in that state.”


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