(12-20-19) US Strikes Iranian Backed Iraqi Militia Group

US Strikes Iranian Backed Iraqi Militia Group:

US air strikes on five targets linked to Kataib Hezbollah, an Iranian-backed Iraqi militia, have caused concern and fallout in Iraq, as political leaders jockey to condemn America…

“[I]t is Kataib Hezbollah – the Hezbollah Brigades – that has been firing rockets at US bases in Iraq for six months, killing an American contractor on December 27 [“which saw its members killed in the US air strikes” and now claim “the attacks disregard the sovereignty and honor of Iraq”]…

“Iran’s goal now is to leverage the US attacks to its benefit and portray America as a foreign force invading Iraq and killing Iraqis. It will argue that the members of the Hezbollah Brigades, who were members of the 45 and 46 Brigades of the PMU, were Iraqi security forces who were helping fight ISIS. For years, pro-Iranian voices have spread conspiracies arguing that the US is helping ISIS.”


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