5 Ways the Globalists are Using Coronavirus to Advance Their Agenda

Governments around the world are using the coronavirus pandemic to tighten their grip on society and move toward new a political, economic, and social world order.

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Government Lockdowns

Governments around the world are taking unprecedented action by locking down, quarantining, and setting curfews for entire cities and states. This pandemic is being used as a veritable proving ground for the police state.

To what extent and how quickly can such measures be taken? How quickly can law enforcement and military action be mobilized to enforce these levels of control? How far can governments go before citizens resist? How easy would it be to fabricate a threat to justify such actions?

While these may not be the questions or motives of our officials, they certainly are questions being asked by some that seek power, and those questions are being answered on a global scale.

From Global Crisis to “Global Government” US Intelligence: A Review of Global Trends 2025

Economic Takeover

With the US economy having tanked, and the gains made during Trump’s presidency completely evaporated, the Federal Reserve, the US Treasury, and co. are set to bail out US companies to the tune of at least 2 trillion dollars. Not only is the ballooning US debt going to have to punch a few more holes in its belt, but the end result of this catastrophe will be another corporate takeover of American small business. Those companies least likely to weather this crisis are the ones with the lowest profit margins and the least overall assets.

While the stimulus package that is being pushed through Congress will have a budget for small businesses, it is frankly unlikely that it will be enough to save businesses that are or were already barely making it. The mere notion of having to stay closed for weeks or months on end while still paying overhead like rent and potentially loosing stock of items. Restaurants, for example, though not always forced to close will have no doubt suffered dwindled sales and the loss of perishable stock. A source says that one farmer in California is being forced to destroy weeks worth of harvest because their workers were gathered in groups of more than 10 and not socially distanced a full 6 ft.

I am not a financial expert, but we have seen in the past how events such as this result in the wealth and savings of average citizens disappearing in a cloud of smoke while executives line their pockets through insider trading and handouts from the government pad the corporations. As the Fed creates money out of thin air to bail out the corporations, our dollar is devalued. While 401k’s are decimated as stocks and bonds plummet, insider knowledge allows the super rich to short sell and then buy the dip to profit during both the fall and rise of the market. This is theft on a scale so large that most people can’t even fathom it – so they continue undaunted.


In China, drones were used to monitor citizens during the lockdown. Video exists online of drones being used to spy out groups of people sitting on rooftops and then blare commands to go back inside over loudspeaker. “But that’s communist China,” you might say, “that wouldn’t happen here!” Think again. The West is employing the exact same technology to surveil citizens, shame them, and enforce lockdowns.

UK police officers are using drones to ‘lockdown shame’ people for walking their dogs in remote areas during the coronavirus outbreak

California police to use drones to patrol coronavirus lockdown
Chula Vista to mount loudspeakers and night vision cameras on new drones

China’s infamous facial recognition (which is tied to the social credit system) can now identify individuals wearing face masks. The rest of the world is not far behind China in their use of facial recognition, with the UK having more than 6 million CCTV cameras, and they are now beginning to use facial recognition. America is not far behind. Facial recognition is already being used by Moscow to enforce their Coronavirus lockdown. The use of facial rec and algorithms could be used to track the spread of the virus itself, a wonderfully humanitarian excuse for expanding surveillance infrastructure. Such ideas are being looked at by the companies responsible for this technology.

Should (Not Could) Facial Recognition be Used to Identify Individuals with Coronavirus?

Note that America is never far behind what Europe does and we are already there in many ways.

Police in China and Europe are encouraging citizens to report each other over the corona lockdowns, conditioning them to become spies for the government.

Police ‘hotline’ to report neighbours for breaching strict coronavirus lockdown

Meanwhile, other countries around the world are expanding their use of smartphones to monitor citizens either willingly or unwillingly and without warrant.

COVID-19 Outbreak Is The Trojan Horse To Increase Smartphone Surveillance

Researchers spotlight the lie of ‘anonymous’ data

Going Cashless

Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters have both drafted stimulus package bills that include a new digital dollar as a means of doling out the assistance within the package and include a requirement for banks to offer a digital wallet to hold this currency. While this did not ultimately make the final version, the Coronavirus scare is a perfect catalyst for the creation of a digital dollar, which would eventually result in a cashless society.

Even if America isn’t the first to do it, there are plenty of other countries where this can be tested. There are numerous reasons that a digital dollar or cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology is beneficial over cash. It can be tracked, it has the potential to be more secure, and, as will be rightly argued, it doesn’t carry germs. We have only to wait for the studies to come forth on the role money had in spreading the coronavirus. Most people who use a card for all of their purchases would hardly notice the change. However, once we have gone cashless (and we most definitely will at some point) it will be a very short step to a world currency.

Interesting soundbites
48:30 – This technology isn’t going away and America needs to lead. – Democratic Congresswoman
52:30 – We need to get off cash. – Law professor testifying before Congress

World Government

Ex-Prime Minister of the UK, Gordon Brown, has suggested that a “temporary” world government be formed to help deal with the Coronavirus pandemic. While this is not something that we are seeing take shape yet, just having it on the lips of a former PM is enough to grant cause for concern. I doubt this is the last that we will hear of the need for a global government.

Keep in mind that the globalism train always moves forward. It may appear once in a while to be set back, but once doors have been opened, they cannot be shut.

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