ENGLAND (2-6-20)

LAW PROPOSED, the “Cohabitation Rights Bill [HL] 2019-21”:

“…to provide certain protections for persons who live [as fornicating sinners] or have lived together as [fornicating sinners]; to make provision about the property of deceased persons survived by a cohabitant; and for connected purposes.” 

If no individual person who lives in habitual sexual sin can enter heaven, then every society that serves as a tolerant habitat for such sin is heading for hell on earth and hereafter.

The Christian of England must lift their hearts to God and their voices to their fellow men, if there is to be any hope of avoiding the wrath of God here and hereafter.

You can read more about this land damning lawless law here: parliament.uk


The probability of a first marriage ending in separation or divorce within 5 years is 20 percent, but the probability of a premarital cohabitation breaking up within 5 years is 49 percent. After 10 years, the probability of a first marriage ending is 33 percent, compared with 62 percent for cohabitations.”

Bramlett MD and Mosher WD.
Cohabitation, Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage in the United States.
National Center for Health Statistics.
Vital Health Stat 23(22). 2002.

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