GERMANY (1-31-20)

Germany Stays Open to A.I. Killer Robots:

“The Bundestag debated on Friday, January 31, 2020, about the use of autonomous weapon systems that can be controlled by artificial intelligence. Applications from the Alliance 90 / The Greens and the Left faction were rejected.

“The first Greens’ application entitled ‘For a UN Prohibition Treaty – Support International Law Outlawing Autonomous Weapon Systems’ (19/10637)… other factions opposed… The Greens’ second application entitled “No funding for lethal autonomous weapon systems by the European Defense Fund” (9/5895 )… CDU / CSU and SPD rejected the application, for which a decision of the Defense Committee (19/7110 ) was available. In addition, the Left faction also proposed that the German moratorium on autonomous weapon systems be declared and international law banned (19/9342 ) with no majority.”

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