(12-30-19) FAKE NEWS IN IRAQ: House of Reps Discuss “American Aggression Against Civilian Crowd”–

Iraq bleeds fake news:

Representative Salem Salem pointed out that the American-Zionist assault on the popular crowd in Al-Qa’im is a declaration of war on Iraq, noting that the bombing is a scenario prepared by the United States for the entry of ISIS gangs to Iraq again, calling for changing the sources of armament and contracting with Russia to buy the S-400 system to confront the American attacks. He called on the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs to invite the Arab League to hold an emergency session. MP Sabah Al-Saadi indicated that the wars on behalf of Iraq will not save Iraq, but will remain a bridge for these countries and will be the biggest loser, calling for speeding up the legislation to expel foreign force.”



Iraqi Govt. Calls Out Fake News World Wide  ar.parliament.iq

Today, Monday 9/3/2020, some local and international media circulated news that (10) members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives had contracted the new Coronavirus. In our turn, we categorically deny the news that is circulated and which are unfounded, calling on all media to be accurate and objective in reporting the news from its official sources.”

—Iraqi Council of Representatives
Press Release

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