Installment 1

A Theory of Just War
Against Spiritual Criminals
Physical Punishments for
Spiritual Crimes.





“ The spirit of self-destruction and nonexistence’– that is the name of the real driving force and regulator of ‘universal progress’ without God or man, that is what lies concealed beneath the handsome exterior of ‘universalism,’ jeering mercilessly at the ‘universal men’ it has tricked.”

— Vadim Borisov
ch. 9, Personality and National Awareness
pg. 223

Christ is the dictum and diction of God’s Logic.
Creation is the dictionary of God’s Logic.
God’s Logic was the first cause and means of producing all material, seen and unseen.
Christ is the law of non-contradiction, evident in all self-coherent material.
God’s Logic dictates that the architecture of all material serve as a means fit to consummate in the reproduction of the glory of God’s Logic.
Some things in creation are inanimate, others are animated with thought.

Thinking things can contradict the diction of God’s Logic in them by which their beings consist.
It is sin to contradict the diction of God’s Logic, by which all material is self-coherent.
Satan was the first to contradict the dictum of God’s Logic, by which his being cohered.
Satan first sinned by deviantly thinking of revolutionary communist equality with The Ultimate Superior, and he spread the propaganda to fellow angelic serfs in order to revolt and redistribute the glory and pre-eminence of the Noble Lord.
Satan was the first thinking being to oppose the law of Logic, becoming self-incoherent, making Satan the first suicide.
The first man, Adam, was the crown of creation, made from elements of the earth that are found also in the universe.
Adam and Eve were the first thinking souls commissioned to guard and grow the goods of earth.
The first Husband and Wife were guardians of the self-coherence of the universe.

God set His private property in the center of Eden, with the dual purpose of establishing a central Law banning people from ingesting in mind or body any good that’s polluted by evil.
On earth, Satan’s first attack was through communist feminism, targeting Eve.
Eve ate private property stolen and redistributed by the first communist revolutionary suicide, Satan.
Eve propagandized Adam; Adam swallowed her lies, became a communist thief.
When Adam and Eve contradicted the inner dictum of God’s Logic, self-contradiction entered the dictionary of God’s Logic: they surrendered the universe in them and outside them to diabolic self-incoherence, illogical self-contradiction, suicide.

The taproot of the forbidden tree remains, sprouting lateral curses on humanity which is now burdened with a hereditary addiction to revolutionary lies, theft, and self-murder.
The Logic of God took a material body like Adam, never revolted against Himself through sin, but was crucified, in a mystical sense, to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and evil, and killed its fruit of death by His death.
The blood of the Logic of God in flesh spilled to the earth, works to reseed the world.
Self-harmonious thought-seed now reproduces on the earth, and souls are brought back into harmony with God by partaking of its fruit.
The blood of God’s Logic pumps through the body politic of Heaven on earth by the strength of the pulse of arteries, namely repentance, thanksgiving, and prayer.
The Church, which is the fruit of the seed of the Logic of God sown on earth in the spilling of Christ’s blood, has a table of fellowship with God prepared for it in the presence of His enemies.
The tares among the wheat abide until the end, and these tares lead to the present crisis.

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