EYESOAP’S FABLES: Bank the Dragon

A baby dragon named Bank stood between two discontented men who shivered in the winter. Bank offered to warm them with his breath for a modest fee of silver. He melted their coins and made forks, knives, pots, and pans, and earned a living from the fees he made in his exchange with men. Eventually, whole families, villages, cities, and nations ran out of silver, so they came to beg Bank for warmth. Bank demanded to be called Imperial Bank, and asked them what merchandise they had to offer… then he suddenly grabbed them. They kicked and screamed. He placed them in his silver pot, stuffed fiat paper in around them until they began to suffocate, put the lid over them, and said: “You’re free and equal brothers now. This pot is your common property, and I will keep you warm.”


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